Quality, Affordable Estate Planning

If you have children, you absolutely need an estate plan. Yet, fifty percent of Americans with children don’t even have a will. My aim is to reduce that number in Arkansas to zero.

For most people, the biggest obstacle between themselves and quality estate planning is expensive legal fees. However, as my fee schedule should demonstrate, my fees are reasonable and affordable to most people.

  • Typical Will: $550
  • Large Will: $550 + $100 per page over four pages
  • Pour-Over Will: $300
  • Typical Trust: $600
  • Large Trust: $600 + $100 per page over five pages
  • Advance Directives (aka “Living Will”): $150
  • Durable Power of Attorney: $150
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney: $150
  • BUNDLE: Advance Directives + Durable Power of Attorney + Healthcare Power of Attorney: $350

A few points about these prices.

First, most of the wills and trusts I draft are within the size that I classify here as “Typical.” If your circumstances are extraordinary and you require larger documents, rarely is the additional size significant.

Second, if you obtain a bona-fide offer from another attorney in the Little Rock area that would beat my rate, I’ll happily match it.

Third, even if you can’t afford to pay my fee in one lump sum, I offer payment plans to many clients. If you require a payment plan, just ask.

However, unlike the impersonal (and generally low quality) online form creators out there, I never sacrifice quality. Estate planning is one of the most important and often-complicated things you can do for your loved ones, especially your children. It requires a more in-depth understanding of your life circumstances than Legal Zoom and Rocket Lawyer can obtain. I give every client the attention they need to obtain their objectives and avoid risks. I do estate planning personally, and I do it well.

You need quality, affordable estate planning. I’ll help you get it.