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Quirks of Arkansas Estate Law: Dower and Curtesy

I once got an email from a client that read, “The deed looks good, but you misspelled ‘courtesy.’” Actually, my spelling was correct, but before my client could sign the deed […]

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What Happens to My Bank Account When I Die?

Your bank account presents numerous opportunities and problems for estate planners. In this article, I briefly discuss some of what might happen to your bank account in a number of […]

estate planning & probate

Estate Planning: Protecting Your Family After Death

I wish estate-planning lawyers were instead called family lawyers. Whereas family lawyers are mostly concerned with the consequences that result when families dissolve, estate lawyers are mostly concerned with […]


7 Questions You Were Too Afraid To Ask About Trusts

Attorney Chris McNeal answers 7 trust questions you were too afraid to ask: 1) What is a trust? Simple. A trust is basically an agreement in which one […]

Quality, Affordable Estate Planning

If you have children, you absolutely need an estate plan. Yet, fifty percent of Americans with children don’t even have a will. My aim is to reduce that number in […]

What Happens When You Die Without A Will?

The title of this article actually is a misnomer. Everyone from the day they are born has a will. For those who die without a making their own will […]

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Why You Should Care About Estate Planning

  Why You Should Care About Estate Planning As individuals mature and gain more personal assets, one of the most important things to consider is estate planning. What […]

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Why You Really Need A Will If You Have Children

Young parents often tell me that they don’t need a will because they don’t own very much. Even if that’s true, there is one very important reason to make a will: […]

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7 Ways You Will Probably Screw Up Your Will

Don’t be offended. If I hadn’t gone to law school and done considerable work administering estates, I too would screw up my will. In law school, my decedent’s estates professor […]

Two Lessons From the Estate Planning of Nelson Mandela

South Africa’s “greatest son”, Nelson Mandela, is a positive example for many things, but not estate planning. Apparently, Mandela executed a will in August of 2004. However, two […]

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Why Few People Successfully Avoid Probate

In 1966, Norman Dacey wrote How to Avoid Probate. Because of Dacey, even today, most people think (1) that the probate process is the scariest thing since The Shining and […]